06 Feb, 2024

Danish liberals form EU election alliance

ALDE Party members Venstre and Radikale Venstre in Denmark agreed to form an electoral alliance with the Moderates for the European elections in June.

The three parties join forces to unite Denmark’s liberal and pro-European voices against the rise of extremists, but will still present individual electoral lists and manifestos.

Morten Løkkegaard MEP (Venstre) and Sigrid Friis Frederiksen (Radikale Venstre) have already been announced as their respective parties’ lead candidates.

Venstre leader Troels Lund Poulsen, Denmark’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, said that the three parties share common ambitions for Denmark’s role within the European Union.

“In Venstre, we fight for a freer, richer and stronger Europe. We see the Moderates and Radikale Venstre as natural partners in an electoral alliance that will hopefully ensure the greatest possible support for both Venstre and the strong, liberal Europe that Renew Europe is fighting for,” he said.

“The 2024 European election is more than ever an election about the future of our common freedom and the democratic values that the EU was founded to protect. All three parties agree that Denmark must work to strengthen the European community so that Europe can handle more in the future.”

Radikale Venstre leader Martin Lidegaard shared his excitement at the inception of the alliance, adding that the three liberal parties are those that “believe most in Europe”.

“Radikale Venstre is running for an EU that will be at the forefront of climate and nature in the intersection between energy, security and business policy. We will insist on European values, democracy and human rights: in the EU, we must also take responsibility for the young generations,” said Lidegaard.

The European elections in Denmark will be held on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 15 MEPs.

Photo: Martin Lidegaard / X

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