24 Oct, 2018

ECJ defends rule of law in Poland

Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament welcomed ECJ order calling on the Polish government to suspend the legislation relating to the lowering of the retirement age for Supreme Court judges. As part of the Court's interim proceedings against Poland, the Vice-President of the Court found that there is need for urgent intervention to prevent irreparable damage to the country's judicial system.

ALDE Group President Guy Verhofstadt commented: "The Polish Government crossed a red line by attempting to politicise Poland's Supreme Court. The European Court of Justice today took an important step in suspending the legislation in question until a final judgment can be made. I am confident that the Polish government will abide by this order and allow judges forced into retirement to resume their work. We can only preserve the integrity of EU legal order if all Member States fully abide by ECJ decisions and rulings."

Sophie in 't Veld ALDE Group Vice President added: "What's at stake here is the fundamental right to a fair trial of any EU citizen. Our shared values, in particular the value of the rule of law, must be safeguarded. They are the very core of the European Union. The Polish government must recognise the authority of the ECJ, failure to do so would be a de facto breach of the Treaties. It is in the interest of Polish people that the judiciary is independent and effectively serving the law and the people, not party politics."



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