10 Jan, 2020

FDP hosts annual Three Kings Meeting

The ALDE member Free Democratic Party (FDP) in Germany hosted their annual Three Kings Meeting on 6 January in Stuttgart.

In his speech, party leader Christian Lindner highlighted the importance of securing global stability and peace, especially in the context of recent events: “What happens in the Gulf will have an impact on us – it can be economic impact, indirect or direct, it will also impact security and migration policies.”

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, FDP’s deputy group leader, responsible for foreign policy and ALDE Party Vice-President, also shared his insight on the topic, stressing the dramatic nature and potential consequences of the situation and highlighted that “we cannot rule out the possibility of retribution”. He also expressed his disappointment on the fact that in its key role in the UN Security Council, Germany hasn’t been able to convene a special session for diplomatic talks on the situation.

In her speech, FDP Secretary General, Linda Teuteberg, emphasised the role of liberalism in today’s politics: “Despite great difficulties, we have great reason to be confident about the challenge for liberal democracy. [...] Because there is so much reason to be confident.”

“That shows our challenge. That we deal responsibly with this vulnerability of the liberal, of democracy. That we accept the crises, that we propose solutions, that we don’t talk badly about this system ourselves but develop it positively as self-critical fighters. Let’s do that and invite all citizens who want to do it with us,” she concluded.

Speeches by Christian Lindner and Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (in German)

Speech by Linda Teuteberg (in German)


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