27 Sep, 2023

French liberals make gains in Senate elections

Last weekend, ALDE Party members Parti Radical and UDI made gains in partial indirect Senate elections in France. 

The Senate’s mandate was renewed at about 50% on Sunday through an indirect election, electors comprising mayors, local and regional Members of Parliament. 

Parti Radical won four seats in the upper chamber, with two candidates being re-elected, while UDI have won 13 senator seats. 

The result strengthens the essential role of the Union Centriste ("Centrist Union") group in the Senate, notably composed of UDI and Parti Radical. 

The Group is chaired by UDI President Hervé Marseille, who was also unanimously re-elected for another mandate on Tuesday.

"I'm very pleased with the results. Since the municipal elections, we've known that we could expect stability. I think we're going to add several members to the group. We are part of the Senate majority, but we have the right not to be obtuse. We take a constructive approach. Many members of my group are in opposition, but that's not a definitive red line," said Marseille.

“The Radicals will continue to work in the Senate, carrying the Republican demands and the defense of our territories, in a constructive and responsible spirit,” said a Parti Radical statement. 

Photo: Hervé Marseille and Isabelle Florennes

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