29 Jun, 2020

Individual members to elect delegates

The ALDE Party secretariat has the pleasure to inform our individual members about upcoming votes. In the month of August, you can vote in the elections for the delegates of Individual Membership to the next ALDE Party Congress and Councils.

The vote to elect Congress delegates:

Every year, individual members elect their delegates ahead of the ALDE Congress. All members who are up-to-date with paying their membership fee can vote. If you are not yet up-to-date, you will receive reminders in July. According to the individual member internal rules, the number of members who on 1 July are up-to-date with their payment will determine the number of Congress delegates. Therefore, the more members who are up-to-date with paying their membership fee, the more delegates individual members can send to the ALDE Congress. This year we will send 3 delegates to the ALDE Congress. The vote will be held in August and will be held online. All paid-up members will receive a voting ballot in their inbox. The voting system we'll use is "single transferable vote".

The vote to elect a Council delegate:

Every year, individual members elect one delegate to the ALDE Council. All members who are up-to-date with paying their membership fee can vote. The vote will take place at the same time as the vote for the Congress delegates.

How to become a candidate:

All members who are up-to-date with paying their membership fee can nominate themselves. You can nominate for ALDE Congress and/or ALDE Council delegate. You can nominate yourself until Monday 3 August at 12h00 CEST. To nominate send an e-mail to [email protected] with your name, a short motivation (max. 50 words) and a picture (attached as a separate file) and whether you want to nominate for Council and / or Congress. Nominees need to have knowledge of the English language.

Nominees need three other individual members to endorse their nomination. The endorsers should also send a message of endorsement to [email protected] by 3 August.

What is a delegate supposed to do?

Ahead of the ALDE Party Congress, the elected delegates submit resolutions on behalf of the individual members which are drafted in a democratic and collective process. During the Congress, delegates have the right to take part in the meetings of the Congress and to voice their opinion in plenary and have the right to vote. According to the rules, delegates are expected to closely coordinate resolutions, amendments and voting decisions with the members of the Individual Members Steering Committee.

The Council delegate is expected, in close coordination with the Steering Committee, to stay up-to-date on matters of membership, finances and organisation of the ALDE Party.

If you’re new to the ALDE Party you might wonder, can other individual members join the Congress too? Yes, all individual members are invited to attend the Congress as a guest. More information will be made available later this summer.

Deadlines Timetable

Please find enclosed a full overview of the deadlines for the upcoming votes. Deadlines and timings are per the individual members internal regulation.

  • Wednesday 1 July 2020:

Opening of nominations & throughout July reminders will be sent to non-paying individual members

  • Monday 3 August 2020: 

Deadline to submit nomination for Congress delegate (12h00 CEST)
Deadline to submit nomination for Council delegate (12h00 CEST)

  • Wednesday 5 August 2020:

Announcement list of candidates Congress delegate elections
Announcement list of candidates Council delegate elections

  • Wednesday 12 August 2020:

Elections for 1 week – members who are up to date with their membership payment will receive a ballot for Congress and Council delegates  in their e-mail inbox.

  • Wednesday 19 August 2020:

Announcement results of elected Congress delegates and Council delegate.

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