09 Nov, 2022

Liberal Democrats have a plan to get the UK back on track

Sir Ed Davey exposes the failures of the Conservative administration, lays down the Liberal Democrats plan to deal with the cost-of-living crisis and asks for general elections at his Autumn Leader Speech.

On 6 November, the leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey delivered his Autumn Leader Speech, which was postponed after the party’s Autumn Congress had to be cancelled due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

In his speech, Davey exposed the damage the Conservative’s government chaotic administration has done to UK’s citizens.

"Billions of pounds extra on the national debt. Pension funds at risk. Inflation through the roof. Exports through the floor. Predictions of the longest recession in history."

He presented initiatives to assist people to afford their electricity bills, their mortgages and to access urgent medical care, among others.

People and businesses need a plan to end this recession. That plan can’t be the cut-to-the-bone, race-to-the-bottom, trickle-down nonsense we always hear from the Conservatives. The real answer – the Liberal Democrat plan – is about innovation, investment, trade, and people.

He reaffirmed the party’s compromise to stand with Ukraine on its fight for freedom, asserting that the war is not only fought in the battlefield but on the energy field too.

"We must resist Putin as he wages his energy war too. We must fortify our nation – not just with troops and submarines, but with wind turbines, solar panels, and tidal lagoons. And we must insulate every home – not just from the cold, but from reliance on Putin’s gas."

Finally, in the face of the current administration’s failure to deal with the cost-of-living crisis, he asked for general elections to be held. On that note, he affirmed that, when the general election takes place, the Liberal Democrats will be ready.

"We are the party that will end the chaos. The party that understands the challenges people are facing. We’ll show that we are the party that cares. The party that has a plan. The party that offers a fair deal. And that’s why we will win."

You can watch the full speech here or below.

Photo credit: Liberal Democrats

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