20 Nov, 2023

Liberalerna confirm lead candidate for European elections

ALDE Party member Liberalerna in Sweden confirmed Karin Karlsbro MEP as the party’s lead candidate for the European elections in 2024 at a party Congress.

Karlsbro, who was previously selected as Liberalerna’s lead candidate for the EU elections in 2019, vowed to continue championing liberal values in Europe during a time of increased geopolitical fragmentation.

“I want to be a strong voice for liberal values ​​and to stand up for European cooperation in a troubled time when nationalism and right-wing populism are spreading. Never have the elections to the European Parliament been so important and ideological,” said Karlsbro in her intervention.

“I will do my utmost to continue to be a force for an EU that stops Putin's war and supports Ukraine, that takes joint and ambitious responsibility for climate, environment and a sustainable, competitive economy.”

Other candidates on the party’s European list include former MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, Simona Mohamsson and LYMEC President Dan-Aria Sucuri.

ALDE Party co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP attended the meeting in Linköping, Sweden on 17-18 November, and delivered a keynote speech on the future outlook for Sweden and the European Union.

“As liberals, it is our responsibility to harness our collective energy for a brighter, more inclusive and prosperous future! Thrilled to meet with members and deliver tonight’s keynote at the Liberalerna party Congress,” said co-President Kyuchyuk.

Party leader Johan Pehrson MP, Sweden’s Minister for Employment and Minister for Integration, paid tribute to the Ukrainian resistance against Putin’s war of aggression and stressed that EU support will not wane anytime soon.

“With Karin, Anna-Maria and the rest of our amazing candidates we are pushing to bring more weapons to the freedom fighters, more help for Ukrainian refugees and for Ukraine into the EU, where they belong,” said Pehrson.

During the Congress, Liberalerna also elected five new members to its party board, including Minister for Climate and Environment Romina Pourmokhtari MP, Cecilia Rönn MP, Hendrik Andersson, Malin Sjöberg Högrell and Sara Gunnarsson.

Finally, the party presented proposals to establish a European police force that has the jurisdiction to act in all EU member states, to tackle a rise in organised crime in Sweden and Europe.

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