20 Mar, 2024

Liberals confirm lead candidate, adopt 2024 Manifesto in Brussels

On 20 March, European liberals took a key step towards the European elections as they gathered in Brussels for the first day of ALDE Party’s Extraordinary Congress.

Party delegates voted to approve the nomination of Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann from ALDE Party member FDP in Germany as the liberal lead candidate for the elections in June.

Liberals also adopted two key documents, the 2024 ALDE Party Manifesto and the new ALDE Party Charter of Values, and three urgency resolutions.

ALDE Party Co-Presidents Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP and Timmy Dooley opened Congress by urging liberals to carry the values that unite us into a pivotal period culminating in June elections.

“Today, we are reminded of the sacred duty that we bear as liberals to stand firm and defend the principles that define us with courage and conviction. We embody a formidable force within the EU: together, we possess the power to shape the course of history and build a future where every European can thrive,” said Co-President Kyuchyuk.

“Liberal values bind us together. The challenges we face may seem daunting, but together we can overcome them. We are the party of hope, of resilience, and of unwavering determination. Let us be bold, courageous, steadfast in our pursuit of a safe and prosperous Europe. We will make Europe thrive again,” added Co-President Dooley.

Strack-Zimmermann to lead ALDE Party in EU campaign

Members voted with an overwhelming majority to confirm the current Chair of the German Bundestag’s Defence Committee as ALDE Party’s candidate for President of the European Commission (Spitzenkandidat).

After her election, Strack-Zimmermann underlined her staunch belief in the European project through the decades and launched a liberal call for unity.

“Today, the EU stands as a testament of collective power and action: it is the most successful peace project in history. It serves as a great example that we can overcome our past, that we can achieve a lot when we put past our differences,” said Strack-Zimmermann.

“We need to stand up against autocrats and populists of the world, outside and inside the EU. The best way to counter them is to offer a new version of Europe: a Europe that makes it easier, not harder, for its citizens, that opens opportunity to investment. I am a passionate European and I believe in this great project wholeheartedly.

“It will be a great honour for me to serve as ALDE Party’s lead candidate and I thank you for your support for a new Europe. Liberals, let’s unleash Europe’s incredible potential together! Let’s do this, let’s get to work. Long live Europe.”

Strack-Zimmermann has the strong profile needed to convey our liberal message for Europe to improve its competitive edge, for our citizens to regain trust in European institutions and to make Europe a safe place for its citizens.

She comes with decades of experience in defence and security, which reinforces our liberal commitment to the safety of our continent and support for Ukraine at any cost.

Liberals adopt Manifesto for 2024 European elections

“Your Europe, Your Freedom: Delivering change for you” – European liberals adopted their official Manifesto for the European elections, containing our proposals to make Europe more sustainable, safe, free, competitive and fair for all.

With this document, European liberals commit to fight to deliver positive change for a prosperous future, earn citizens’ trust through action and reform, and keep Europe free, safe and democratic.

The common priorities focus on boosting the EU’s economic growth, reducing our dependencies, increasing citizen participation in democratic processes and enhancing our security and defence capabilities, while helping Ukraine to win Putin’s war of aggression.

The adoption of the 2024 Manifesto is the culmination of over a year of consultation among ALDE Party members, civil society, citizens and stakeholders, led by ALDE Party Vice-President Svenja Hahn MEP (FDP, DE).

Liberals received extensive input from citizens through an online consultation process and eight town hall events organised in EU Member States between June and November 2023, adding to the  feedback from over 100 organisations and work of the Manifesto Drafting Committee.

The full Manifesto will be published here in due course.

Time for change: Liberals update Charter of Values

All 76 ALDE Party members co-signed a Charter of Values setting out our principles and key mission, updating the remit of ALDE Party’s founding document – the 1976 Stuttgart Declaration.

Liberals once again showed their unity during a time of increased geopolitical fragmentation by setting a common standpoint on the heritage, vision and essence of European liberalism.

This key document has been years in the making, and once again reaffirms the liberal commitment to defend and promote individual rights and freedoms as part of an equal, open and democratic society.

From globalisation to technological innovation, market economies, government powers and freedom of speech, the Charter of Values encompasses the liberal take on some of the most defining issues of our generation from a contemporary perspective.

Our vision of a prosperous, united, and strong Europe remains valid more than ever before and commits us to continue working in a liberal spirit for the citizens of Europe.

The ALDE Party Charter of Values will be published here in due course.

Key resolutions adopted in Brussels

During Congress, members voted and adopted three urgency resolutions on ensuring stable military support for Ukraine, responding to the rise of the far right and denouncing the murder of Alexei Navalny and the sham presidential elections in Russia.

All new adopted resolutions will be available here in due course.


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