07 Oct, 2019

Liberals in Portugal enter the Parliament for the first time

On 6 October, Portuguese citizens went to the polls to elect the 230 members of the Portuguese Parliament (Asamblea de la Republica).

ALDE Party member Initiativa Liberal gained the best result ever for liberals in the country. For the first time, a liberal party will have representation in the Portuguese Parliament, as Initiativa Liberal secured one member of parliament, João Fernando Cotrim de Figueiredo who ran in the region of Lisbon.

The highest support for the party came from the regions of Aveiro, Lisbon, Porto and Setubal. In Lisobn, the party surpassed the 2% of the vote (see full results here in Portuguese).

Party leader Carlos Guimarães Pinto said about the results: “We made history. For the first time in this century a party under the age of two, which is presenting itself for the first time in the elections, will have a representative in parliament”

Following his election, Cotrim de Figueiredo said: “I will be relentless, I will be tireless, I will be the voice of liberalism in Parliament."

While the ruling Socialist Party (PS) obtained the highest number of votes, they did not gain an absolute majority to govern and therefore, negotiations will be needed. However, this time around the Parliament is more fragmented than before, with nine political parties represented.


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