13 Feb, 2024

Liberals react as Hungarian President resigns

On 10 February, Hungary’s President Katalin Novák from Viktor Orbán’s ruling party Fidesz announced her resignation after revelations about her role in a child sexual abuse case. 

Judit Varga, another Fidesz member who was serving as Minister of Justice at the time, also resigned from her role as a Member of the National Assembly for her involvement. 

Momentum Mozgalom members including party leader Anna Donáth MEP and Dávid Bedő MP led a demonstration in front of the Sándor Palace in Budapest, the official residence of the Hungarian President. 

“The resignations tell us that we do have an influence on what happens in Hungary. Novák resigned because she was ordered to by [Viktor Orbán], not because her conscience spoke,” said Donáth. 

“She also tried to hide behind how difficult it is to be a woman in politics. It's really hard, but not because of what she says. She was unable to maintain her integrity not as a woman, but as a person. This country needs strong female politicians, but they do not need examples like Novák or Judit Varga.” 

Earlier this month, Momentum members dismantled the security fences in front of Orbán’s residence at the Carmelite Monastery of Buda and brought them to the Sándor Palace calling for Novák to resign. 

Hungary’s President is currently elected by the Parliament, but Momentum’s board announced that its MPs will not participate in the parliamentary process of nominating the new President. 

Momentum believe and demanded in a petition that the Hungarian people be given the opportunity to directly elect their Head of State, calling for a new demonstration in front of the Carmelite Monastery on 14 February. 

“Momentum is initiating the direct election of the Head of State, because the Presidents of the Republic nominated by Fidesz are failing one after the other - both morally and politically,” said Bedő. 

Momentum will also submit a proposal for a resolution to prevent pedophiles and their accomplices from being pardoned in Hungary. Click here to find out how you can support it.  

Photo: Momentum Mozgalom

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