20 Sep, 2023

Macedonian liberals back EU call at party Congress

On 16 September, ALDE Party member LDP in North Macedonia held a party Congress entitled “Everyone is important! Here and now” as part of preparations for next year’s parliamentary elections in the country. 

In a video message to the Congress, ALDE Party Co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP said the LDP has an essential role to play in the country’s process of EU integration, as the torchbearers of social liberalism and carriers of the EU values ​​of freedom, equality and rule of law in North Macedonia. 

“You are in a critical period for your people, with the 2024 elections on the doorstep. These elections present not just today a choice between parties, but a choice for the future of North Macedonia in Europe. We are your steadfast allies in Brussels advocating for North Macedonia’s EU accession at every opportunity,” said Co-President Kyuchyuk.

In her intervention, LDP party leader Monika Zajkova highlighted the collective responsibility to make North Macedonia a country of European values, ​​where citizens will regain trust through internal reforms aimed at ensuring a higher standard of living and a better future. 

Zajkova indicated that the party will continue to be guided by the principles of promoting gender equality, fair representation of communities and reflecting the multi-ethnic character of Macedonian society. 

“Our future is in the EU, our vision is in strengthening the partnership with Western democracies. We belong there. This is exactly the state of things in North Macedonia, the great road that remains to be taken to the goal – ‘liberal society’ - is the unlimited field for the political action of the Liberal Democratic Party through the creation of policies together with the citizens; field to prove that "everyone is not the same", she added. 

The event in Skopje was attended by more than 1,000 liberal democrats including LIBSEEN Coordinator Roman Jakič and several representatives from ALDE Party members in Bulgaria, Kosovo and Montenegro, such as LPCG President Vatroslav Belan. 

“The tireless activity of the LDP in the Government and Parliament of North Macedonia is proof of the commitment you have shown to the promotion of liberal values and progressive governance in Macedonia and in our region. Proposals for economic reform, social inclusion, responsible foreign policy, climate change and environmental sustainability, digital transformation, education and the rule of law are principles not only the basis of your party's program, but also the driving force behind LIBSEEN's vision for Southeast Europe and Europe as a whole,” said Jakić. 

In the next few months, the LDP will host a series of meetings with citizens to create the party’s electoral program for the election of all 123 seats in the Sobranie, North Macedonia’s Parliament.

Photo: Liberalno-demokratska partija

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