23 Apr, 2024

Momentum kick off campaign ahead of June elections

On 19 April, ALDE Party member Momentum Mozgalom in Hungary launched its electoral campaign for the upcoming European and municipal elections in June at an event in Budapest.

Anna Donáth MEP, Momentum’s leader and lead candidate for the European elections, argued Momentum is the only party that can guarantee Hungary an exit route from Viktor Orbán’s government and a pro-European future.

“We have already proven that we believe in European and liberal values ​​regardless of any political interests. We are the ones who stand up for gay marriage, the possibility of adoption for same-sex couples and the free choice of euthanasia, the end-of-life decision,” said Donáth.

“Only Momentum can guarantee that the next system will not be a repackaged version of the current one if our relentlessly liberal, freedom-loving and democratic party becomes part of a coalition government.”

Momentum’s programme for the European elections is focused around resolving the rule of law situation in Hungary, modernising the Hungarian housing system, strengthening the education system and enforcing environmental protection.

Throughout the event, several interventions were made by members of our political family including ALDE Party Vice-President Kira Rudik and representatives of member parties including USR, Progressive Slovakia and NEOS.

Donáth also symbolically leads Momentum’s list of candidates for the municipal elections in Budapest, followed by current Members of the Budapest Assembly Tamás Soproni and Gábor Havasi.

“In five years, Momentum became the most active and influential Hungarian party in the European Parliament: we must continue the fight to make Hungary a European state of law again,” added Katalin Cseh MEP, the party’s Vice-President and second candidate for the European elections.

“For this we need to join the European Public Prosecutor's Office. If the Orbán government does not do this voluntarily, then it should be a condition of EU funds. Because the EU is currently the best tool for representing the true national interest vis-à-vis the government.”

The European elections in Hungary are scheduled to take place on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 21 MEPs.

Photo: Momentum Mozgalom

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