25 Oct, 2023

Momentum stage Orbán protest on revolution anniversary

On 23 October, activists from ALDE Party member Momentum Mozgalom in Hungary protested Viktor Orbán’s relationship with Russia to mark the 67th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution.

In 1956, Hungarians attempted a countrywide revolution against the government of the Hungarian People's Republic, linked to the Soviet Union. Thousands of civilians were killed, wounded and fled the country after the uprising was crushed by Soviet tanks and troops.

Momentum members gathered to throw red paint in front of Orbán’s office at the Carmelite Monastery of Buda in Budapest, Hungary, days after he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a post on Facebook, Momentum highlighted how Orbán “betrayed” the heroes of 1956.

“We at Momentum are fighting for a fair system in which our nation’s freedom struggles cannot be lied to. For a system that pursues humane politics and leaves no one down,” Momentum said.

“The spirit of '56 is sadly more alive today in Kyiv than in Budapest. Viktor Orbán kowtowing to dictators like Putin and Xi Jinping, undermining Ukraine and Nato, and drifting ever farther from the west is a disgrace to the memory of Hungarian freedom fighters, and counter to all they fought, bled and died for,” ALDE Party Vice-President Dániel Berg told The Guardian.

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