08 Jan, 2024

Munteanu: Fighting for a European future

23 June 2022 was a historic day for Moldova, when the country was granted EU candidate status. For Moldovan liberals, EU accession is not only a catalyst for much-needed reforms, but hope for a better future, writes Igor Munteanu, leader of Coaliția pentru Unitate și Bunăstare (CUB).

This op-ed was originally published in ALDE Party's Liberal Bulletin in December 2023. 

Just one and a half years after gaining EU candidate status alongside Ukraine, the impact on Moldova has been profound. Not only in terms of access to pre-accession funds and incentivising reforms, candidate status brings us together around a unified national project: EU accession. The required reforms will make our government more accountable and professional, and transform our administration for the better. These are just a few of the reasons why our party CUB is a dedicated supporter of Europe in Moldova, though accession talks may take many years.

Nevertheless, there is an alternative project, bitterly advocated by Russia as an opposing force to our shared European future – a Euro-Asian Union. The Russian aggression against Ukraine, starting in 2014, has only intensified efforts to destabilise our country.

As a liberal, pro-EU party, CUB is fighting back against this malign influence by strengthening rule of law, good governance and a free market economy. We aim to cure Moldova of inefficiency, kleptocratic influence and lingering Soviet legacies, and are asking citizens for a chance to tackle these issues together.

CUB is made up of entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, doctors and civil servants that view liberal reforms as the most important way to advance Moldova’s European path and protect individual freedoms and liberties. By supporting a competitive economy, reforming the tax system and decreasing bureaucracy, we will foster digitalisation and invest in public education.

Judiciary reforms are urgently needed in Moldova, and CUB is determined to ensure fair evaluation of judges and prosecutors, as well as pursuing police reform. Guided by the principles of social justice and solidarity, we will pave the road towards responsible economic freedom, a fair justice system, a professionalised civil service and an end to corruption and bribery.

Our motto is: “Freedom is our main guide for politics”. CUB is a unique political force in Moldova, and we believe that freedom and democratic values will move Moldova forward, towards EU accession and transforming our country from within.

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