29 Nov, 2022

New assistance shows unwavering EU support for Ukraine

The EU is rising to the challenges caused by Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Last week, the European Parliament supported by a large majority the creation of the Macro-financial assistance instrument (MFA+) and the allocation of €18 billion in loans to Ukraine for the entirety of 2023. This instrument establishes a framework for structural, predictable and timely financial aid that for Ukraine.

The Russian invasion and the continuous bombing of Ukraine has devastated lives. Much of Ukraine's infrastructure has been destroyed by the Russian army, in an attempt to weaken Ukraine as a dangerous winter approaches. Now, Russia is targeting critical infrastructure in a cruel attempt to deprive Ukrainians of essential resources, such as water, electricity and heating.

The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament stands with Ukraine in supporting this financial aid and the MFA+ that will help to rebuild critical infrastructure. Renew Europe will continue to support Ukraine in every possible way. However, the far right’s support of Russia is a disgrace. By voting against this macro-financial assistance, the far right continues to show their cowardice and complacency with Putin's regime.

Urmas Paet MEP (Reformierakond, EE), Renew Europe standing shadow rapporteur on Ukraine in the European Parliament Committee on International Trade, declared: "Due to Russia’s ongoing aggression, Ukraine continues to need our support to maintain essential state functions, ensure macroeconomic stability and rehabilitate critical infrastructure destroyed by Russia. In parallel to working on the MFA+, the EU must also swiftly prepare a bold plan on how to use Russian frozen assets to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. It is only fair that the aggressor state pays for the destruction and suffering it has created".

Valérie Hayer MEP (L’Europe Ensemble, FR), Renew Europe coordinator on the European Parliament Committee on Budgets, added: "Ukraine needs those 18 billion. Either the EU stands with Ukrainians or it clears the way for Russia - something we will never let happen, contrary to the far-right. Those MEPs who vote against or abstain on this financial aid are a shame for this Parliament, and for Europe".

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