23 Oct, 2018

Poland: Citizens coalition strong in local elections

Citizens in Poland went to the polls on Sunday for regional and local elections. Across the country, ALDE Party member Nowoczesna (the Modern party) ran a strong campaign as part of the Koalicja Obywatelska (KO, the Citizen's coalition), a joint list of pro-European Liberals and Democrats. Particularly in capital Warsaw, the KO and its candidate for Mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski pushed ahead and won an absolute majority in the first round of the local elections.

Also in other major cities the Citizen's coalition managed to win absolute majorities for their mayoral candidates, sending a warning to the ruling PiS party, which came first overall with about 33% of the vote, while KO obtained 27%.

In other parts of Poland where no absolute majority was achieved in the first round of elections, a second round will be held on 4 November.

Chair of Nowoczesna, Katarzyna Lubnauer said: "We can recognize this as our success. We wanted to take root in the local government. I think there is a good chance that the elections to municipal councils are also beneficial for the Citizens' Coalition."




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