19 Mar, 2024

PRESS RELEASE - European liberals, centrists and democrats introduce Team Europe

Renew Europe Now is launching its election campaign with a strong Team Europe. All three candidates are characterised by their common conviction for a better Europe.

We are convinced that with this trio, we will successfully campaign across Europe to promote our vision for a more secure, competitive and democratic Europe. As Team Europe, we will push forward the pro-European agenda. Team Europe, this is ambition, passion and experience for a Europe of tomorrow.

With Valérie Hayer MEP, President of Renew Europe and Team Europe Candidate of the non-affiliated, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann as Team Europe Candidate of ALDE Party, and Sandro Gozi MEP, Team Europe Candidate of EDP, Renew Europe Now campaigns with three truly experienced politicians, standing for elections and fighting in a joint effort for every single pro-European vote. This is our strength.

The members of Team Europe will represent the Renew Europe Now Platform in the upcoming European debates with the Spitzenkandidaten from the other main political families. Team Europe will be rallying around Europe sharing the vision of the platform represented on the priorities to be presented on March 20th at the Campaign Kick-off.

Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann

 “Europe is humanity's greatest peace project. After centuries of violent conflict, creating a unified Europe was an incredible achievement. True, the European Union is not perfect; there is always room for improvement. I will keep fighting for a Europe that is democratic and free. Europe is our future, we have no other.”

She is the defence policy spokeswoman of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag since 2017 and the Chair of the Defence Committee in the German Bundestag. From 2004 to 2009 and from 2014 to 2017, she served as the chairwoman of the FDP parliamentary group in the city council of the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital Düsseldorf, demonstrating her ability to lead and unite her party members. She became the first female mayor of the state capital Düsseldorf from 2008 to 2014.

On defence and security policy, Marie-Agnes believes that the Bundeswehr has been criminally neglected for years, and the brutal Russian attack on Ukraine has turned old certainties upside down. The turning point and the special fund for the Bundeswehr are the right signals that must now reach the troops. Respect for the commitment and performance of our soldiers requires maximum protection through the best possible equipment. Germany must take the lead in Europe in close co-operation with its European partners.

Valérie Hayer

 More than ever in this troubled world, we need a strong European Union to protect our citizens, preserve our democracies, and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for our children. These elections are crucial. We cannot let populists compromise our common destiny!

She is the President of our pro-European political group Renew Europe at the European Parliament. She is affiliated with the presidential party Renaissance in France, serving as a member of its Executive Board. Elected as a Member of the european Parliament in 2019, Valérie Hayer was Renew Europe’s spokesperson on budgetary and financial affairs and a member of the European Parliament’s negotiating team on the long-term EU budget (Multiannual Financial Framework).

From 2008 until 2019, Valérie Hayer was a municipal councilor in France. She was also Vice-President of the Departmental Council from 2017 until 2019. Over this period, she also worked as an advisor to various parliamentarians in France. Valérie Hayer holds a Master’s degree in public law, public administration and public management from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, France.

Sandro Gozi

“At a time when the worst nightmares would like to nail us to our fears, to our weaknesses: this is the time to dream. And to fight of the realisation of our dreams, which are also the fairest and most pragmatic answers to the challenges of our time. There are times when an entire generation is called upon to prove itself equal to the challenges of history. We are living one of these moments: let us reform the Union to unite Europe.”

A former diplomat, he also taught European Politics and Institutions in several European and American Universities. He worked 10 years in the European Commission and from 2000 to 2004 He was member of the cabinet of Commission President Romano Prodi. He has served as Italian Secretary of State for European Affairs under the Renzi and Gentiloni governments (2014-2018) and was subsequently appointed advisor to the former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in 2019.  

Elected in 2019 in France, Sandro Gozi is today a Member of the European Parliament in the Renew Europe Group, Renew coordinator in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and of the Committee of Regional Development. He is also Secretary General of the European Democratic Party. On 8 March 2024, he was nominated as the EDP's lead candidate at the Florence Convention.

A press doorstep from 18:30-19:00 ahead of the event will be given by the Spitzenkandidaten candidates. Members of Team Europe will give short declarations to the Press at the Campaign Kick-Off on March 20th at 18:30 right before the event. Press will be able to pose questions to Team Europe until 19:00. For security reasons, only registered media will be allowed.

Press wishing to attend the kick-off must register by clicking on this link. Journalists and crews must carry the press accreditation at all times while onsite. 

For questions about the members of team Europe reach out to Luis Cano at [email protected] or +36704092084.

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