12 Apr, 2023

Renew Europe acts together for Ukraine

Earlier this year, Renew Europe welcomed representatives from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy's party, Sluga Narodu, to the European Parliament.  

The aim of the visit was to strengthen parliamentary cooperation and discuss key issues for Ukraine-EU relations, as well as to meet with Renew Europe Group President Stéphane Séjourné and Renew Europe MEPs. The fruitful discussions and constructive dialogue proved that Ukraine’s future is in Europe.

Photo credit: Renew Europe

Renew Europe is committed to continuing support for Ukraine and working together for Ukrainian victory and future recovery. Since Putin’s invasion, Europe have seen the heroism and unity of Ukrainians against their oppressors. Rescuing and caring for the wounded, evacuating civilians, providing food and shelter to those in need, recording war crimes and providing support to the victims - these are examples of the hardships and devastating challenges that Ukrainians face every day. 

Renew Europe condemns Russian aggression in the strongest possible terms and considers Putin a war criminal, whose regime bears full responsibility for all its consequences. Russia’s actions are not only an aggression against Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, but also an attack on European security, the international rules-based order and liberal democracy. Renew Europe has continually called for swift and strong sanctions on Russia and Putin to make sure this horrendous war does not go unpunished. 

At the same time, the Group has advocated for the EU and Member States to work with international bodies to collect evidence and to support the International Criminal Court’s investigation of war crimes committed in Ukraine. Moreover, the EU must support Ukraine to ensure recovery from the damage done to the country. Europe must stay committed to the Ukrainian cause, because investing in Ukraine means investing in democracy, values and freedom. 

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