06 Dec, 2023

Renew Europe: One step closer to nature restoration

Last week, Renew Europe welcomed the endorsement by the European Parliament Committee on Environment of the provisional agreement on the Nature Restoration Law.

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, Renew Europe took another step to combat climate disruption by adopting a European regulation aimed at restoring nature and biodiversity at a large scale in the EU, the first of its kind worldwide.

“Today we have a good legal basis for further work. This law ensures not only the health of our ecosystems and our citizens, but also puts Europe on the path to sustainable economic growth,” said Renew Europe shadow rapporteur Maria Soraya Rodríguez Ramos MEP (Ciudadanos, ES).

“This is the other major pillar of the European Green Deal, and we must be clear: we will not reach our climate targets if we do not address the biodiversity crisis. We have the first law to tackle the big challenge ahead of us: the fight against climate change and its flipside of the coin, the deterioration and loss of biodiversity in the EU.”

The Nature Restoration law states that EU member states will need to put concrete measures in place to recover 20% of all land and sea areas by 2030, and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050.

This agreement makes the EU the first to translate its international commitments of the UN Kunming-Montreal agreement - ratified by 196 countries - into a binding legal framework, with clear targets and deadlines for Member States.

Finally, Renew Europe welcomes the specific requirements for EU countries to tackle the decline of pollinators by 2030 and move towards planting three billion trees in the EU. This regulation lays a solid basis for safeguarding nature and biodiversity for future generations.

Photo: Soraya Rodríguez / Twitter

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