07 Nov, 2023

Renew Europe: Securing the digital age

As cybersecurity gradually becomes more important for European strategic autonomy, Renew Europe is at the forefront of defining some key pieces of legislation on this issue. 

The Cyber Resilience Act ensures all connective devices can be made available on the European market only when they meet high levels of cybersecurity, while requiring manufacturers to provide the necessary security updates to fix any issues encountered after purchase.  

Renew Europe is also taking significant steps to ensure online safety and protect online rights through the adoption of the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Along with the new General Product Safety Legislation (GPSR), these pieces of legislation aim to create a safer and more transparent online environment while offering more choices for consumers. 

With the DSA, citizens will have better tools to challenge the removal of content by tech giants, report illegal content or goods, and understand terms and conditions on online platforms. There will also be more transparency in advertising and sensitive data use will be restricted. 

Finally, Renew Europe has taken a significant step to address concerns around the nature and ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) by adopting the AI Act, which establishes strict rules, transparency, and governance to make AI safer and more responsible. 

The Act ensures that AI systems entering the market and being used are safe, while also respecting fundamental rights and values. Citizens should expect greater transparency from AI providers, stricter information requirements, and thorough checks on data sets.

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