09 Jan, 2024

USR enters centre-right electoral alliance

On 20 December, ALDE Party member USR in Romania announced the formation of the United Right Alliance (Alianței Dreapta Unită), joining forces with the Popular Movement Party (PMP) and the Right Force (FD). 

The three parties agreed to enter into a centre-right liberal political alliance uniting against the current PSD-PNL government. 

USR, PMP and FD will run on a joint list of candidates for the European elections in June, which will then extend to the presidential, local and parliamentary elections in Romania throughout the rest of the year. 

ALDE Party Vice-President Dan Barna will retain the role as the Alliance’s lead candidate, followed by Vlad Voiculescu. Fellow USR members Vlad Botoș MEP, Cristina Prună, Radu Mihail and Corina Atanasiu also feature in the Alliance’s top eight candidates. 

“We stand together as the honest alternative to the widespread corruption of PNL and PSD. We will build a responsible government together and bring back accountability, predictability and honesty in the public sector,” said USR President Cătălin Drulă MP. 

“For three years, the PSD-PNL government has stuck its hands deep into people's pockets through record prices and higher taxes to pay for the privileges of political clientele. This mockery stops in 2024. Together, the United Right will build a modern Romania.” 

Photo: USR

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