12 Oct, 2021

Venstre holds assembly ahead of next month’s local elections

On 9-10 October, Venstre – one of ALDE Party members in Denmark – held its national assembly ahead of the country’s local elections, scheduled to take place on 16 November. With more than 1.500 party members coming together over the weekend, the assembly was also an opportunity to celebrate the party’s 150th anniversary, albeit a year delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The mandates of party leader and deputy chair were also renewed, along with other administrative roles.

In his speech, party leader Jakob Ellemann-Jensen highlighted the recent accomplishments for the party, including a key agreement on the agricultural industry that will benefit several involved stakeholders and the party’s fight for a greener Denmark and a greener world. Ellemann-Jensen also underlined the importance for his party to introduce freedom of choice for the elderly, whether linked to their ability to choose the care they want or to decide until when they want to work.

“In Denmark, we can take the lead, and that’s what we must do. Because the green transition is not just about Denmark, it's about the whole world. About our planet. And about the opportunity of the next generations to live a free life with lots of opportunities,” Elleman-Jensen stated.

For Elleman-Jensen, the upcoming elections are an important moment for the party, with 1.732 candidates running across the country, to create more freedoms and opportunities for citizens:

“In my view, all municipalities and regions deserve a Venstre politician as mayor or a council chair. […] As you are the best to lead our country. You are the ones who want to develop instead of just maintaining the system.”

“So, let’s fight on together. Let’s show the forerunners of the past that we continue the fight in the future. Let’s ensure together that those who will come after us will have more freedom and opportunities than we ourselves have had. Let’s lift our legacy. Let’s set a new course for Denmark – whether at town halls, at regional courts or at Prime Minister’s office,” he concluded.

Venstre vice-chair Stephanie Lose also delivered a speech at the assembly, focusing on the elections as a key moment to work together:

“None of us can win an election alone. But as a party, as a team in the individual municipalities and regions, in close interaction between elected representatives, candidates, organisation and volunteers, we can achieve a lot.”

You can re-watch the national assembly here (in Danish)

Photo credit: Venstre Danmarks Liberale Parti 

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