07 Oct, 2023

ALDE Party Bureau Statement on the attacks of Hamas on Israel


The unprovoked conflict initiated this morning by Hamas against civilians in Israel has shaken us to our core.

Terrorists have launched a barrage of rockets, numbering in the thousands, and terrorized Israeli communities, perpetrating killings and abductions.

As European liberals, from Helsinki to Lisbon, we assert our firm and unyielding support for Israel in these critical moments. Israel, a pivotal democratic ally, not only possesses the right but is also obligated under international law to safeguard its citizens against such acts of terror.

We urge leaders in Europe and around the globe to unreservedly uphold Israel's right to defend itself.

Even as the assault persists and Israel braces for a potential long conflict, it is imperative for the global community to unequivocally denounce Hamas, a terrorist group financed by Iran and committed to obliterating Israel. They commit the dual atrocities of assassinating Israeli civilians and utilizing their own populace as defensive barriers. Especially in this era rampant with disinformation and propaganda, it is crucial for international leaders to articulate this fundamental truth.

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