21 Sep, 2021

German Liberals take last spurt before federal elections

One week before the election day, on 19 September, German ALDE Party member Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP) held an extraordinary party conference to launch a last call to vote. Ahead of the elections, the party currently polls at around 12%.

In his speech, party leader Christian Lindner underlined the importance of the upcoming elections and asserted that FDP is the only credible political centrist alternative for the various challenges that lie ahead. Lindner also highlighted how he wants to tackle climate change by investing more in businesses and education. He promised that FDP will not accept raising taxes or loosening the debt break.

"German engineered climate protection, on the other hand, can create jobs here and fight global warming elsewhere […] We are only entering into a government of the centre that responds to the challenges of the time with trust in a market economy, the rule of law and Europe,” Lindner stated.

Vice President of the European Parliament Nicola Beer MEP called on FDP members to make a final spurt to overtake the Greens in the polls. She also pled for a stronger relationship between Germany and France, as well as with the United States:

“[…] a third place is within striking distance for a strong coalition in the centre […] The new start in Berlin must also be a new start in Brussels and in the transatlantic relationship. Let's make sure that the Franco-German engine can take off again next year with the French Presidency, because a government is finally operating again in Berlin that combines a European political vision with a geopolitical strategy.”

FDP Secretary General Volker Wissing concluded the conference saying that Germany must invest significantly in technological research and development to fight climate change and offer prosperity to Germans and people around the world.

FDP offers a path of progress and opportunities without shifting the axis of society. We guarantee a market economy, freedom and a stable welfare state that will not forget anyone. FDP could become the decisive force that will shape the future government,” said Wissing.

Liberal Prime Ministers Mark Rutte (the Netherlands) and Kaja Kallas (Estonia) also showed their support in a video message.

On this coming Sunday, regional elections will also be held in the states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Berlin, where René Domke and Sebastian Czaja respectively are FDP’s lead candidates.

You can re-watch the entire party conference with individual speeches here (in German) and find FDP’s electoral manifesto “Nie gab es mehr zu tun” (“There was never more to do”) here.

Photo credit: Christian Lindner 

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