24 Jun, 2020

Mouvement Réformateur

Fernando Petroli

Party Leader: Georges-Louis Bouchez


Founded in 1846, the Belgian liberal party is the oldest party on the European continent. Its name is "Mouvement réformateur (MR)" and it is a French-speaking right-wing and center-right party, born out of the coalition of several parties. The current Prime Minister is a member of this party, as was the previous Prime Minister. The political, economic, social and cultural project of our party is genuinely humanist, based on freedom and democracy, favouring the general interest. The tremendous potential of ideas which constitutes the DNA of liberal democracy must not remain an abstraction: it is a force for transforming society, aiming concretely to reduce poverty, insecurity, suffering, inequality. Liberalism places the human being at the centre of all political action. To be liberal is to assert and defend the rights of each individual against pressure from organized groups.

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